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ImageMagick supports a number of image format specifications which refer to images prepared via an algorithm, or input/output targets. The following table lists these pseudo image formats:

ImageMagick includes several built-in images which may be referenced when reading as if they were an image format (e.g. “ GRANITE: ”);

Support for some of the formats are delegated to libraries or external programs. The Installation Guide describes where to find these distributions and any special configuration options required.

Spell casting can be easy, when you write your magick spells. You don't need arcane skills or rituals. All you need is a nice journal, a good pen, and time to concentrate.

How to Write Your Magick Spells The basics of a written magick spell are that you write down, in scred space and with full attention -- what you intend to bring into your life...

Find a journal, or even a sheet of paper, that really speaks to you. Use a pen that you don't use for anything but magickal work, and that you love to write with.

While many books and websites offer spells for personal use, some people wish to write their own. The spell itself should be as unique as you are. Magickal spells are created using your thoughts, emotions and energy. Writing and casting your own spell will provide the best results.

Decide what you need the spell to accomplish for you. Do not just decide you want happiness; decide what would bring you that happiness. Be specific. Take notes of your thought process. This will enable you to become clear on the goal of the spell. Never write or cast a spell that interferes with another person's will.

Plan the correct moon phase and day for your spell. Constructive magick is cast during the waxing phases of the moon, according to These spells would include drawing money or love. Deconstructive magick is cast during the waning phases of the moon. The days of the week also correspond with different kinds of spells. Cast on Sunday during the waxing moon for an attraction spell.

how to write magick spells

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